Youth Ministry

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry exists to draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic Church. This is done by calling young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry exists to provide spiritual and professional formations for those who minister to the young church.

Greetings! I am writing to invite you to the 27th Annual Diocesan High School Youth Conference! Come join over 700 Catholic youth and adults from around the Diocese as we gather on March 10-12, 2017, at the White Oak Conference Center. The theme for the High School Conference is simply – “MERCY!” Why this theme? For two simple reasons: 1) We all need to receive “MERCY” and we all need to give “MERCY.” 2) Even though we have finished Pope Francis’ call to the “Year of Mercy,” it is important that we continue to focus on this subject, especially in the times we live in! Pope Francis had this to say in his homily opening the Year of Mercy – “Here, then, is the reason for the Jubilee: Because this is the time for mercy. It is the favorable time to heal wounds, a time not to be weary of meeting all those who are waiting to see and to touch with their hands the signs of closeness of God, a time to offer everyone, everyone, the way of forgiveness and reconciliation. May the mother of God open our eyes, so that we may comprehend the task to which we have been called; and may she obtain for us the grace to experience this Jubilee of Mercy as faithful and fruitful witnesses of Christ. We are called to be agents of MERCY! Come find out how you can live out this challenge to those around you. With all the hatred and unrest in the world we live in, come find out how you can stand out and be that change that our world so desperately needs!
2017 High School Youth Conference letter

MTEAM_horizontal_RGB_small The vision for the Diocesan Missionary Team (DMT) is to reach young people “on the ground” in their parishes and Catholic schools. The DMT will evangelize young people by offering them an opportunity to not only hear about the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ, but to learn and understand the grace of the truth that will set them free. It is the vision of the DMT that once young people have experienced the transformational grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, they will hunger and thirst to go deeper in their own Catholic faith life.

Retreats will be segregated to 6th–8th grade and 9th-12th grade. Themes for retreats will consist of Confirmation, Evangelization (Who is Jesus?), Going Deeper in Your Faith (Why Catholic?), Men’s/Ladies’ Retreats.

Funds are needed to support the following items:
  • A 10 Passenger Van for DMT transportation to/from retreats
  • Computers, Projector, screen, sound system and cell phones to organize & deliver retreats
  • Housing and food for Team members
  • Retreat & Office Supplies
  • Team Training
  • Scholarship program for schools and churches

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