Children's Program

Teaching Touching Safety

Both the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and the Policy of the Diocese of Charleston Concerning Allegations of Sexual Misconduct or Abuse of a Minor by Church Personnel mandate that the children of your parish and school receive prevention education. Our Diocese has chosen the VIRTUS "Teaching Touching Safety" program. Detailed instructions regarding curriculum and the lesson plans are made available to you each year to assist you in this required training.

Access the program:
Go To -
Print out:
  • Founding Principals - Description of Program (The Overview)
  • The "Teaching Touching Safety Guide"
  • The specific lessons by age group for the particular year
  • The Opt Out templates
Announce the program:
  • Dates, including make-up sessions
Provide to Parents:
  • The Overview
  • The "Teaching Touching Safety Guide"
  • Appropriate Lesson Plan for their child
  • A personalized Opt Out Form
Receive from Parents:
  • Signed copies of Opt Out forms (retain in the parish office)
Report to Diocese:
  • Number of children enrolled in the program*
  • Number of children who attended the program*
  • Number of children who were opted out of the program

*These two numbers should equal the number of children enrolled in the program. Non-responses should be counted as "no shows".
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